Welcome from the President

The Valencian Regional Science Association, from its beginning, has maintained a commitment to the territorial reality that surrounds him. In that regard has focused on enhancing the prestige and territorial made within the Valencia as something that allows you to achieve greater dignity economic and social welfare. The same objectives are what the new board is proposed to continue promoting activities during the period in which to develop their management.

Basically three priorities would be those looking to take action to promote some kind of action, analysis and advocacy:

1. Highlight what role represents the Valencia region in the new context of globalization.
2. Give explicit support to the role that local and regional administrations, and their technicians, may represent in territorial matters.
3. Join the local and global, the productive with the prioritization of environmental issues, the past and the future, so you can redefine social work that the territory is in a changing world.

For this, the AVCR is committed to scientific knowledge as the axis on which they develop their proposals. And it is on this guide on the AVCR is inviting all professionals who are attracted to these projects to participate in activities that may arise, and more regular part of the Association for failure still belong to it. Among the actions that have been made and intend to continue, highlights the Regional Congress is being done regularly and it is thought to proceed. Moreover we note that the intention is to increase the external visibility of the association, providing services to members, with assistance from international dissemination and reach agreed activities with regional institutions and associations that have parallel objectives to those of the AVCR.The concrete development actions will be established on the basis of promoting discussion forums, district meetings, awards, professional and support for professional advice.

Thus it is thought that the territory dignify dignifying people who inhabit it.

Josep-Antoni Ybarra